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An 19 years published arts journalist, my writing skills are in demand by tech companies. As a trusted administrator, I support business owners in their time-consuming office tasks.

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Go to What time’s your appointment?

What time’s your appointment?

Save yourself some brain power by letting a freelance PA manage your weekly schedule. Don’t miss any meetings or opportunities that could take your business to the next level.

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Need more thinking space?

In this hectic world, you must create enough mind space to let those light bulb moments shine brightly. A vibrant business rides on great ideas and it’s not good to be shackled by mundane to-do lists. Your time’s more precious than that.

Was that urgent email sent?

Emails to draft and send, customer queries needing courteous and timely responses? The modern online office waits for no-one. A skilled, trusted Virtual Assistant can be a priceless asset.

How’s the project going?

CRM systems make project management efficient and accessible. Everything and every stage is visible at the click of a mouse. Having someone on hand to populate and keep it updated will leave you with ready answers, every step of the way.

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copywriting from an experienced communicator

- - - I know my stuff - - -
Don't assume your message is getting across

When we read, not every word will actually be read. Instead, our eyes skip and loop as our brain makes rapid sense of what we're trying to understand.

A good copywriter knows how to hit the spot with the right words - and not too many of them

  • I know the power of the carefully chosen word. I am also a grammar Ninja

  • Telling stories and painting pictures. It's imporant to create copy that demands to be read

  • A voice speaking in the same tone across your public materials will strengthen a brand's identity

  • Connecting the Architect, Builders and Client, I can produce Schedules of Work


Some lovely words from a few of my happy clients

"I have known Jane for over 3 years and have found her to be honest, reliable, hard working, conscientious and courteous. She is a skilled writer, researcher, coordinator and producer and is adept at executing tasks on schedule and thinking on her feet." - Roifield Brown, Across Media Consultant

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