17th November 2016


I bring everything of me to copywriting; a passion and genuine love for what the right words can achieve in communicating ideas, starting fires and fanning flames.


My copywriting skills have been built on the strong foundation of using words for a living. Eight years as a sub-editor means I am thorough and correct with my grammar, spelling, sentence construction and phrasing. I know how to research and ask the right questions, and having interviewed a huge number of the rich, famous, infamous and ambitious, I have often been thanked for asking intelligent and genuine interview questions.

Tech Copywriting

Tech designers and developers are awesome at what they do – but are perhaps not quite so brilliant at using the right words to get their important messages out to the very people who will to pay that download price or sign up to the subscription.

I write tech copy that’s easy to read. I amplify your message to your users and those thinking about onboarding. I also copy-edit blogs written by international industry experts, helping them to deliver an improved product with enhanced, sparkling communication.

As well as these sharp end skills, I proofread existing website content and weed out those grammatical errors that slip in unnoticed. Making just these small changes will increase your professional impact straight away.

Copywriting Services

I write copy to suit the style and voice of the commission. My journalism background combines with my experience in arts and music, as assistant to a museum and art gallery curator, a producer of Urban Music TV shows and a latterly, a tech writer, allowing me to tap an astonishingly broad knowledge base.

I love to communicate and I use my naturally unquenchable curiosity to research, then write with enthusiasm and authority on whatever is required.

Editing and copy-editing

Although I say so myself, I am an astonishing editor. My comfortable grasp of the English language and grammar leaves my clients oh, so happy! I regularly edit my clients’ guest blogs to keep the writer’s own voice and message, but I polish them until they shine and twinkle. Editing is one of my favourite things.


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