30th December 2016



Copywriting Fees – These are  are bespoke and agreed upon with my clients at the briefing stage. They’re not fierce or ridiculous so do enquire within.


By the hour – For my VA admin service, I charge an hourly rate of £25. I use an app to track my time and round up or down to the nearest 15 minutes. When I send my invoice, there will be a time report with it so you can see the full breakdown.

By the project –  A fixed price for an individual task or project is often the easiest thing to do but whether we go with an hourly rate or a set price is something we usually decide together.

Retainer – Depending on what’s needs doing, it can be simpler to just pay me for a set amount of hours a month. I keep track of my time and will let you know if you’re nearing your limit so you don’t have to worry about spiralling costs.